Highlight: This article will discuss the types of proxies in the market, and how you can benefit from using semi dedicated proxies for various usage purpose.

You’ve probably heard people say that they can unblock content meant for the New York region only! Have you asked yourself what that means or whether it’s possible? Obviously, you haven’t put much emphasis, and it will not bother you until you need to access a Blocked website.

Understanding how websites work to provide you with the needed information is not necessarily your concern because you can always get an expert to do that for you. The biggest concern for business owners and individuals is the amount of risk the data shared daily on the web is exposed to. Verily, most businesses have suffered data loss and identity theft. Before we delve into web browsing basics using semi-dedicated proxies, let’s explain what happens when you browse the web.

When browsing the internet, you might be using a proxy server or a VPN or even proxy servers of some kind if you are tech-savvy. So what is a Proxy server? What are some benefits of proxy servers, and why do you need them?

What is a proxy server?

A proxy server is a doorway between the internet and the web user. According to the company policy, it actually separated the end-user with the websites that they’re trying to access, including security and privacy. When you request an address, the internet traffic flows through the proxy servers to the specific address you requested. Your request will eventually come back through the same server, and lastly, the data is forwarded from the website to the user.

Why do we need modern proxy servers?

Modern proxy servers don’t only forward web requests but also act as a firewall and a web filter. We understand that there are many threats up there in the wild internet. Using a dedicated modern proxy will definitely protect the user and the internal network from such threats.

  • Control internet usage of the children and employees – People set up proxy servers to control the children’s access to the internet or manage the content employees can access the internet using business Wi-Fi.
  • Improved speed and savings – For better overall network performance, organizations need modern Proxy servers. The proxy server can cache popular websites. When you request any of these saved websites, you will swiftly get a copy of the website.
  • Privacy – People and businesses use proxy servers to protect their personal information when browsing the internet. Modern proxy servers will change the IP address, and all the other information used when accessing the internet.
  • Security – Modern proxy servers offer increased security benefits to the business. The proxy server can be encrypted to keep prying eyes from reading and interpreting your transactions. The proxy server can be united with the VPN to offer additional security. 
  • Get access to blocked websites – Just like VPNs; proxy servers can help you get access to blocked sites. Semi-dedicated proxies have the ability to unblock blocked content meant for the New York region only.

Different types of proxies

Proxy servers are classified in different types based on the functionality and their specific purpose. Here are the most common proxy types that you can choose today.

Free proxies

Free proxies are the types of proxies that you easily find and use without having to pay. The majority of the proxies in the internet today are offered free under the open proxies. This is actually what has partially contributed to the spiraling popularity of proxy servers. They often seem like a dream come true for most people, but there are chances more and more websites will block them as you continue to use them.

Free proxy pros

  • Free proxies are available for free
  • They work to unblock region-specific websites

Free proxy servers cons

  • More and more sites can block new Free proxies
  • The provider has little control over the use of the proxy addresses(IPs can be blacklisted)
  • Free web proxies are not secure

Semi-dedicated proxies

I know you are already wondering what semi-dedicated proxies are. Semi-dedicated proxies are shared proxies that can be used by up to 3 people. This is the main reason why they are known as semi-dedicated proxies. Besides the main user, semi-dedicated proxies can be used by another two users. You wouldn’t obviously need a website dedicated to you only.

When you want to buy semi-dedicated proxies for your business, it’s very important to go for the best semi-dedicated proxies providers. They help you start quickly and easily.

Semi-dedicated proxies pros

  • Less expensive – Shared proxies are usually less expensive than dedicated proxies. This is mainly because the proxy provider is selling the same IPs to many users who can share the cost.
  • Semi-dedicated proxies are perfect for beginners until they rule out their project’s exact need while maintaining low costs.
  • Semi-dedicated proxies are good with most scraping tools – This type of proxies can be useful when utilizing specific web scraping tools. This works as long as the target website doesn’t block the IP addresses.
  • Semi-dedicated proxies are highly anonymous – shared proxies that offer high anonymity because it’s hard to notice a single user from the three active users.
  • Efficient – Using semi-dedicated proxies are as efficient and effective as using private proxies. The provider of such proxies will optimize the use of the proxy to suit your specific needs.

Dedicated or private proxies

A dedicated proxy is also referred to as a private proxy. It’s the type of proxies that are used by one user at a point in time. Unlike semi-dedicated proxies, private proxies are not shared with anyone. Consequently, you have full control over when and how private proxies are used.

Dedicated proxies pros

  • Its private and secure – private proxies are private and secure because there’s little to no chances of your information being compromised.
  • Extremely fast – Dedicated proxies will not negatively affect your browsing speed, but they can increase the speed of browsing the web.
  • Enhances SEO and web scraping – dedicated proxies can be used for any kind of online service, including SEO and web scraping, to scale your web operations.
  • Social media marketing – people are now using dedicated proxies for internet marketing. It can be used as social media proxies to connect to online platforms giving the marketer increased reach working from a single location.

Dedicated proxies cons

  • They’re relatively expensive-dedicated proxies cannot be shared, and hence the user copes with the whole cost.

Semi-dedicated proxies are cheaper and very cost-effective. They enhance the user’s security and privacy and, at the same time, have the ability to unblock content meant for the New York Region only and other controlled contents.