Cheap proxies are always cost effective to maintain and also to ensure that you meet the budget for your SEO campaigns. Proxies guard your IP address and make sites believe that you’re in a region where the physical proxy server is housed. What it means is that you’ll be able to enjoy the content that was restricted by geographical locations. Along with that, you’ll remain anonymous and protect your identity and private information online. Proxies change the way you commune with the web. 

Here, you’re going to learn about different types of proxies out there, the pros and cons of using cheap proxies. Also, you’ll learn if free proxies are safe to use.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Proxies? 

A proxy generally acts as a doorway between your internet and you. Not only do proxies dissuade traffic, insulating the user from potential harm, it also increases the performance of requests made online. Let’s get to the heart of understanding various proxies and the features they entail.

Free Proxies

Free proxy platforms let multiple users access their services. A free proxy, as the name suggests, does not entail any outlay. However, they do have a range of advantages and disadvantages. 

Quality characteristics of free proxies are always a notch lower than the parameters of paid proxies. Since they are free, pop up advertisements can compromise your experience. Moreover, free proxies pose a significant vulnerability to user credentials.

Semi-Dedicated Proxies

Proxies that allow three-person access are usually deemed as semi-dedicated proxies. If you purchase a semi-dedicated proxy, you will not be the only user exploiting its services. Semi-dedicated proxies are often used by individuals who want to browse the internet on a casual basis. 

Organizations that manage massive content at once should avoid availing semi-dedicated proxy services. Although semi-dedicated proxies have features similar to private proxies, their user restriction is often viewed as a limitation. They support HTTP and SOCKS services, which are general protocols used to interpret the traffic flowing into your server.

There are cheap proxy service that allow individuals to access content in a coveted manner. The cheap shared proxies permit individuals to bypass their regional or international cyber restrictions, which might get in their way during web browsing.

Private Proxies

A private proxy serves as an intermediary between the client and the internet. Experts claim that private proxies are too compelling for that feat and charge a premium for their exceptional bypassing services. Applying a private proxy indicates that one client is exclusively using the dedicated IP address at a given time. When a private proxy is in action, requests initially run through the server and then connect the client to the internet resources as demanded.

Are Free Proxies A Safe And Reliable Option? 

A cheap private proxy can always be the option, provided you are not accessing substantial websites. However, there is a high probability that your free proxy can get blocked instantly. Reliable streaming sites have instated firewall blockers, which could only be sidestepped by premium Virtual Private Networks. Buying cheap proxies can expose you to security vulnerabilities, which can further induce privacy problems. 

Therefore, the only secure alternative to cheap proxies is using a paid VPN service. Since premium networks rely on monthly subscriptions for their revenue, they do not have to pop ads or resort to breaking encryption exposing user data. Buy proxies cheaply can be a very good option, however, you need to ensure that the proxy vendor upholds good security within their network and infrastructure.

How Can Cheap Proxies Benefit You? 

There are multiple ways in which a cheap proxy can prove to be advantageous.

Anonymous Web Browsing – The most significant advantage of using a cheap proxy is that you can anonymously undertake web browsing. Since shared proxies involve multiple users, it is hard to trace individual clients down.

Geo-unblocking – If a particular streaming service bans content in your area, you can bypass the geographical firewall and gain access.

SEO – Several companies utilize a shared or free proxy to regulate the keyword positions that determine a website’s rank.

Coveted IP Address – Cheap private proxies can provide a secure network by masking your location.

Cons Of A Cheap Proxy

Although anonymity can be a significant advantage, it is also the facet where problems arise. A shared or cheap proxy can get your IP address blocked permanently. However, it occurs only when an individual on an IP address is involved in illicit activities. Regardless of the reason or the intensity of the crime, your address will get banned from further activation.

Or worse, a specific website can enlist your IP address as spam and block you from further access. It occurs when an action is performed by all users collectively impacts the functioning of the website. Cheap proxies usually exist under a shared regime that makes them secure to some extent. However, you cannot use a cheap proxy to bypass a prominent streaming service’s VPN blocker.

The solitary method to gain uninterrupted access to content worldwide is to utilize premium VPN services that guarantee seamless streaming.

How Secure Are you?

Most users stress on the primary two aspects of browsing: security and anonymity. However, what you cannot see may hurt you. When you are utilizing an IP address, you are virtually surrendering your IP address for the privilege to mask your identity as you browse prohibited websites. And once your data travels in an unencrypted format, you can be exposed to identity theft among other cyber felonies. Cheapest proxy providers can penetrate your sessions with malware causing an inadvertent download.

You must wonder “are cheap proxies safe” or “where do you get cheap proxies,” but as you compromise with cost, there are chances that you are exposing your credentials to potential malware. However, a private proxy with premium benefits can insulate you from these probable impediments. Or, if you do not want to spend that kind of money, diligent research before settling on the best cheap proxy provider is a prerequisite.