Thinking about trying proxies? Want to cop the next big release on the Shopify store? Want to maximize the copping chances with Shopify proxies? No worries as this guide says it all!

So, your favorite sneakers have dropped on a Shopify website. You are using a bot that supports Shopify, but it is not enough. You need to have Shopify proxies. A Shopify proxy can mask your IP address so you can make multiple purchase requests from the Shopify sites. 

When millions of other people want the same product that you want to buy, this is where proxies come in. The proxies can make it easier for you to cop the product you want before it sells out!

While choosing proxies, the price and location of the proxies play an important role. There are several free proxies available on the Internet, but which one to choose? Never choose free proxies, although they look super attractive. The reason is free proxy providers may collect your information. 

You can go for cheap proxies, but you need to decide first which proxies are worth it. We recommend you to choose a trustworthy proxy provider that offers customer support as well. Moreover, the location of the proxy, as well as that of the server, also matters a lot. Always choose a proxy and server that provide the shortest route to the server of the Shopify site.

Welcome to an amazing world of Shopify proxy!

This guide tends to highlight everything that you need to know about Shopify proxies. Here, you will get to know how you can elevate copping chances with Shopify proxies. But before getting into the details for maximizing copping chances with Shopify proxies, first, let’s talk about what exactly are proxies and how do they work.

Are you ready to explore the Shopify proxy? Without further ado, let’s take a start now!

What Is A Proxy?

Proxy is considered as an intermediary that may protect you from general web traffic by hiding your IP address. In this way, the user’s activity will remain anonymous. A proxy IP address is used as a buffer through which the search requests are channeled to the proxy server. The proxy server then sends the requests to the resource provider. 

In short, by using a proxy (that supports Shopify), your Shopify bot will look like a real person. It will allow you to buy stuff quickly and easily.

For example, if you want to cop the Yeezy dropping, you will need to have various accounts on Adidas. Adidas makes the game fair for every user by allowing one account per person. But what if you cop twice or more than that on the same website? The game will be over for you! Yes, it is right. 

Your account will get banned without a proxy. How? It will identify your location as well as your IP address. At this time, you need a proxy! 

A proxy will mask your location and real IP address. In this way, you can make more than one purchase request from Adidas. By using the Shopify proxies, the website will consider that the purchase requests are made from different devices. In other words, it will not be able to track where the hit is coming from.

Residential proxies are said to be the best proxies for Shopify as they are registered with Internet Service Providers. Moreover, such proxies are real desktop or mobile devices as the alternative IP address belongs to a real device. By using residential proxies, the sites will perceive your activity as that of the regular user.

A Brief Overview Of Shopify

Shopify is a popular online selling platform used to create an online store where you can sell and promote your products. Basically, it is a cloud-based software as a service solution that is becoming popular due to its low startup cost. No matter you sell products in-store, online, or on social media, Shopify has got you covered. In short, it is a great way to grow your business.

Why One Need To Use A Proxy For Shopify?

Now the question arises here is when do you need to use a proxy? The answer is simple; when you are using the sneaker bot. As a bot can run various tasks on the sneaker sites, so for each task, you will need to have a proxy. There are several ways Shopify proxies can assist you in increasing your chances of copping the new and latest releases. 

  • First of all, a Shopify proxy may help to provide the shortest path to the site’s server. Be sure that you are using the proxy that is located in the same area as that of the site’s server. This will result in less traffic, allowing you to compete better with several other people trying to cop.
  • A Shopify proxy may help a bot to perform fast. Remember, the type of proxy and bot makes a big difference here.
  • To maximize your chances of copping, combine proxies with bots. Believe me; you will get the next big release!
  • One of the major reasons for using Shopify proxy is that it allows you to avoid bans by Shopify or sneaker websites. As proxies can conceal your IP address so the Shopify sites will not be able to track any suspicious activity.

What Is A Shopify App Proxy And How You Can Use It?

Shopify app proxy is an important tool of Shopify app development that is widely used by Shopify applications. It is used to route the requests from the domain of the Shopify store to the URL of any other app. At times, it becomes important to get data from an outside location and show it on an online store’s page. At this time, the Shopify app proxy is used. 

In other words, it allows Shopify applications to interact with the store’s data.

The content of the proxy page can be dynamic. It means you can update the data whenever you need it. It is quite easy to add an app proxy to a Shopify application.

  • First, you need to open the Shopify dashboard and click Apps.
  • From the app’s menu, enter the app’s name.
  • Go to Extensions > Online Store > Add Proxy
  • After that, enter a subpath and URL of the proxy server.
  • Click Save and you are good to go!

Advantages Of Using Data Center Proxies For A Good Provider For Shopify Related Usage

A Shopify proxy is like a gateway between you and the Internet. It can break the digital barriers and bypass restrictions. There are various types of proxies to choose from. You can use data center proxies, or you may go for residential proxies (explained earlier in the article). 

Now the question arises here is, are data center proxies better for Shopify? The answer is YES! Datacenter proxies are not affiliated with an internet connection or internet service providers. Each proxy you buy will hide your identity on the Internet by giving a unique and private IP address. This will make you appear as you are in a different location.

A Quick View Of The Benefits Of Data Center Proxies

The biggest advantage of using a data center proxy is the highest level of anonymity. By using such a proxy, you can cop sneakers, scrape data, or surf the web.

Another plus point of data center proxies for Shopify related usage is that they are faster. In other words, they offer a swift response time. So, if you want speed, you will need to use fast Shopify data center proxies.

They are usually used by one person at a time, which decreases the chances of downtime as well as slowdowns.

Note: One thing that you should keep in mind is that the data center proxies are easy to detect. Now, Shopify is blocking various data center proxies. Therefore, it is better to use residential proxies.

Final and Last Thoughts:

Remember, choosing proxies is like an investment. If you have purchased a bot (that supports Shopify), be sure to use those proxies that give you the best bang for your buck. Remember, Shopify is quite good at detecting bots. Therefore, you need to hide your IP address and bot’s fingerprints. 

A Shopify proxy will help you to get speed to cop on Shopify sites. You may use data center proxies in this case as they will mask your identity when you surf the web.