Scrapebox is one of the most significant SEO tools ever. It has a ton of helpful features that pretty much every genuine SEO professional needs. While, in the case you are totally new to Scrapebox and even SEO, you might need to get through with a portion of the fundamentals before you push yourself forward. So, here are some of the most significant features of Scrapebox that you might be keen on or would need to draw in traffic to your website through web indexes. The article will also highlight the importance of using good Scrapebox proxies for maximum efficiency.

Harvesting URLs

You can collect an immense number of URLs utilizing Scrapebox that are identified with the keywords that you might target or the niche you are based in. First of all, by collecting URLs, we mean looking through the web indexes like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many more for your specific niche or keyword. Suppose you are a well-known business selling seats offline, and now need to extend by taking it on the web. So essentially, you would be keen on selling seats on the web. 

So, for this situation, you would need to collect URLs of locales identified with seats.

Now, before you proceed and simply start gathering URLs, you have to know a couple of things. First of all, in case you are running greater campaigns and might want to harvest a ton of URLs rapidly, you might need to get a lot of scraping proxies. Scraping proxies play the role of an agent among you and the web indexes. Have a look at it this way. It is clearly unrealistic for somebody to scan for a huge amount of inquiries within a minute. 

Thus, the search engines will identify that somebody is attempting to spam them, and they will block your IP.

Scrapebox Proxies

While utilizing Scrapebox proxies, the inquiries would be scanned for utilizing various IPs, making everything look characteristic and not bring about the block of your own IP. You may likewise need to take note of that the format to enter the Scrapebox proxies in the software is IP:Port:Username:Password. Try not to stress over it however, as these details will be given to you by the dealer you get your Scrapebox proxies from. You would likewise need to ensure the queries are working and not dead. Scrapebox accompanies a built-in feature that enables you to do that. 

You would then be able to begin collecting the URLs identified with your niche. You would likewise need to enter “footprints”, which will help bring important outcomes.

Footprints basically refer to the terms that will in general show up on the locales you are hoping to collect. So, on the off chance that you enter “chairs” as a footprint, the harvested URLs would incorporate locales that are identified with this keyword.

How to Manage the Harvested URLs?

These collected or harvested URLs would be important to your niche and can be utilized to improve the SEO position of your site to get more traffic from the web indexes. Now, let us get into how precisely would you utilize these URLs to get more visitors to your site that are keen on your niche and what you are advertising.

  •       Blog Commenting

You can utilize Scrapebox to do mass blog commenting by collecting URLs of websites according to your niche. The software would leave a comment with your site URL included, subsequently enabling you to get focused on traffic from those blogs just as improving your search engine rankings.

  •       Doing Competitor Research

You can pick some fruitful competitors’ sites from the gathered URL list and break down them, helping you to find compelling techniques you can apply to your very own site too.

  •       Keyword Research

You can even utilize Scrapebox to do a keyword search along with utilizing the harvested list. This will most likely enable you to discover keywords that are less focused and consequently simple to target.

Find Expired Domains

This is something that numerous advertisers really utilize the software for. In spite of the fact that there are a lot more utilization of Scrapebox, you can never again utilize it to mass spam and get extraordinary outcomes from web indexes like you could before. That does not make it any less valuable, however, particularly on the off chance that you realize how to utilize it the correct way.

Now, coming to finding expiring domains utilizing Scrapebox, let us initially understand what expired domains are and why would you need to register them by their past owner.

What are Expired Domains?

As the name recommends, expired domains are just those domains that have expired, or we can say that, not renewed by their proprietors. So for instance, suppose you purchased a domain and paid the enlistment cost for a year, but you did not renew it again when it was going to expire, thus you lost your domain ownership. At that time, the domain would be called an expired domain, essentially on the grounds that it has expired without renewal.

Reason You Need to Get Expired Domains?

Such domain can be very profitable to the extent SEO is concerned. There are different factors for it, with probably the most significant ones mentioned below:

  •       They can be matured domains, which means they are in presence from quite a long time.
  •       They may have gigantic authorities and other presumed sites connecting to them
  •       They may have picked up authorities according to the web indexes

Now, let us go a little bit deeper into the previously mentioned points. First of all, matured domains are viewed as increasingly significant for SEO, basically on the grounds that they have been around for a long time and henceforth get more trust from web search tools like Google than fresh out new domains. Furthermore, as they may have been ready for action for many years, they may likewise have figured out how to get “backlinks” from numerous sites, including gigantic authority destinations, just as well-known presumed sites.

At whatever point a webpage connects to another site, it’s known as a backlink. For instance, if a domain has been listed in the “references” of a specific theme on Wikipedia, that domain has a “backlink” from Wikipedia.

Having backlinks from such definitive websites go far in expanding the SEO intensity of a domain. Such domain consequently becomes exceptionally valuable with regards to getting traffic to your site through SEO.

Why Find Expired Domains Using Scrapebox?

Since you recognize what an expired domain is and why it is important to get them, we should get into how to find them utilizing the SEO people’s most cherished software, called Scrapebox. Without diving into much detail, you can essentially pick the websites you would need to have backlinks from your expired domains. In any case, ensure they are expert websites, for example, Wikipedia, HuffingtonPost, New York Times, Mashable, and many more.

For instance, on the off chance that you need to have domains that have been expired however had connections from the New York Times, you may initially need to scratch major lists of URLs of its more seasoned posts. It’s basically on the grounds that the most recent posts are improbable on link to expired domain for evident reasons. While, a portion of the more seasoned posts the site connected on may have terminated, enabling you to re register them and use for SEO.

Scraping for Expired Domains

So, you can just scratch such sites utilizing Scrapebox, and it will give out the more seasoned posts URLs which you are searching for. You at that point need to check for the domains these URLs connection out to, by placing them in Scrapebox’s outbound connection checker.

In spite of the fact that this may bring a large number of domains, it would be so quick, as Scrapebox is fit for collecting and checking number of domains consistently, however it likewise relies upon the quantity of Scrapebox proxies utilized, how quick they are, etc.

Presently, without taking any kind of action to the URL list Scrapebox’s outbound connection checker gave out, you can essentially place them in its domain accessibility checker addon. You will rapidly get the domains that are accessible to enlist. In any case, before enlisting any of the domains that have a backlink from the site and are likewise accessible to enroll, you might need to check their general backlink profile. This causes you guarantee that there are no malicious backlinks indicating the domain you are enrolling, and that different connections are of great quality too. You can utilize Scrapebox’s page specialist addon to do this by essentially putting the accessible domain list into it.

Features of Scrapebox Software

There are lots of amazing features offered by Scrapebox software, while some of the most important are as follows:

  •       Search Engine Harvester

One of the best key features of Scrapebox software is search engine harvesting. It can harvest thousands of URLs from different search engines including Google. This feature can help you a lot to rank your website at the top level of every search engine ranking list. No matter on which search engine a person is looking for any result, your website will be shown at the top of the list and you can get more traffic on your website, that will alternately help your business to grow better.

  •       Keyword Harvester

Another one of the most important key features that you will get from Scrapebox software is keyword harvesting.

It is the next effective harvesting technique that will help you out to effectively improve the growth of your business. In this technique, the software will not use any kind of search engine specifically but it will harvest data of different sites through keyword.

You just have to put your targeted keyword and this software will gather all the data from all the websites those are targeting that keyword too. In this way, you will get to know that how many people or businesses are already running or targeting the same keyword so that you can make differentiation between them and get more unique and particular identity in the market.

You do need to input compatible Scrapebox proxies when running the keyword harvester.

  •       Proxy Harvester

Another one of the most important features that you will get in the Scrapebox software is Scrapebox proxy harvesting. As you know that it is quite impossible for a single person or user to harvest data from different websites at the same time.

There is no human being in this world that is fast enough to collect all the useful information from all the websites related to any keyword niche because there could be a huge number of websites shown against any particular keyword or niche.

In this case, no one can effectively collect the data from all websites.

Additionally, when you will harvest from every website through a single IP, then the search engine will restrict your IP after reaching a particular amount of harvesting. That amount could be too small that you will not gain any benefit from that.

In this case, Scrapebox proxies harvesting helps a lot. This technique or feature offered by the Scrapebox software changes the IP address of your system in such an efficient and effective way that the search engine cannot detect it at all and it will seem quite normal as it has to be. In this case, you can gather the useful data from such as websites you want more efficiently and effectively.

  •       Comment Poster

Another one of the most effective features offered by Scrapebox software is comment poster. Commenting is also very effective and helpful technique to be used in lots of techniques. No matter if you want to get feedback on your product or want to popularize your product, comments are effective in both cases.

Scrapebox offers comment posters to your website that will available on different platforms. With the help of comment posters, your website will gather the data of those websites. Additionally, these comment posters will help your website to promote your website because you can easily get a huge traffic towards your website through these comment posters.

  •       Link Checker

Scrapebox software offers you a feature that checks the links of your website. As you know that Search Engine Optimization is based on linking your site on different other websites. With the help of those links, your website is being optimized so that it can be ranked in the search engines’ rankings. If these links are not attached properly, then you will not better results.

Additionally, just placing the links is not the final task. There is also a lot more that you have to do after placing your website’s links on other platforms. After placing a link, you continuously have to check them whether they are working properly or not?

This is necessary because these links usually expire after some time because of other websites’ involvement. A huge number of websites’ owners optimize their websites regularly so that there is a chance that your link may become ineffective due to which your website’s rank fall down. In this case, it is important to check each link regularly.

But this thing is not easy to do by human beings because there are hundreds of links being placed on different platforms during optimizing the website, and monitor each link regularly is not an easy task.

In this case, Scrapebox software proves quite effective. It effectively checks all the links systematically within few seconds and shows you result about every link that which one is dead, which one is going to be dead and which is okay till now.  In this way, the user does not have to do this effort manually and can simply go to the indicated link and perform maintenance activities if required.

You do need working Scrapebox proxies in order to perform link checks efficiently.

  •       Find Unregistered and Expired Domains

Scrapebox software is also quite effective and popular because it is the best tool considered in the market to find unregistered and expired domains. This feature is not much common in every software.

Lots of software may scrape data from different platforms quite effectively but they will not find or point out unregistered and expired domains. In this case, a huge source of effective Search Engine Optimization remains unused because the unregistered domains are quite similar to expired domains and expired domains are way more trusted to search engines as compared to any new one. So, Scrapebox software helps you to find them out, so that you can have better SEO of your website. Of course, to be able to find these domains better, always use working Scrapebox proxies.

Benefits of Scrapebox Software

There are lots of benefits of Scrapebox software, while some of them are as follows:

  •       Fast Multi-threaded Operation

One of the benefits that Scrapebox software offers to its users is fast multi-threaded operations. You might have noticed that there are lots of scraping software that only allow user to perform a single task at one time.

They do not facilitate the user to perform more than one task at one time. In this case, a user has to wait a lot if he/she has to perform more than one task because when the current task will be completed, then he/she will be able to perform the next one.

This highly affects the efficiency of any software. The user has to wait a lot in this regard, while Scrapebox helps user a lot in this way. It facilitates users to perform multi-threaded operations at the same time more efficiently and effectively.

The software has the potential of utilizing a large list of Scrapebox proxies to work effectively.

  •       Highly Customizable

Another one of the benefits that you will get from Scrapebox software is high customization. This software is not like the other scraping software. It is quite flexible and highly customizable as compared to other software. There are available lots of effective features and options, with which you can easily customize the functionality and working of Scrapebox software as per your need. It will then offer you results in the format as per you require.

  •       Outstanding Value

Another one of the benefits that the Scrapebox users get from the software is that it offers an outstanding value as the output. You don’t have to invest a lot of different scraping tools to get your desired output. You can get wat beyond features and operation through this software by which you can easily harvest data from numerous websites at the same time. Additionally, it is available in quite an affordable price rate that you will never find such product in the market at this rate with such incredible features.

  •       Numerous Add-ons

Scrapebox offers numerous add-ons that increase the feasibility and flexibility of software. With the help of these add-ons, you can get more features and use them to get better results through this software. These add-ons not only improve the flexibility of software but they can offer much better results as usual.

  •       Great Support

Scrapebox software offers great support to its customers. It is one of the best products available in the market that does not have any negative review from the customer. Almost every customer is completely satisfied with this product because of the amazing support offered by the company. No matter is there any small issue or any big one, you just have to contact the service center of this software, your issue will be resolved within the next 24 hours. Additionally, the warranty service of this product is quite reliable and effective that if there occur any kind of problem to the software within warranty time duration, the whole issue will be resolved without charging any additional cost, no matter how complex the issue is. 

Because of this incredible customer support, lots of people prefer to use Scrapebox instead of any other product.

  •       Tried and Tested

Scrapebox is one of those products that are highly tested and tried by different users. The final version of this software was not instantly launched in the market after its development but it was perfectly tested and then released in the market. This is the reason that not much issues occur in this product and offer the best services to its customers.


Well, above has described some of the key features and benefits of Scrapebox software. All of these features and benefits are quite effective that there may barely any other product available in the market with such features and benefits. So, if you really want to have better harvesting for SEO and optimize your site into the top rankings of different search engines, then consider Scrapebox, because it is the best among all. All-in-all, be sure to only use Scrapebox proxies when running the software.