LinkedIn Growth & Its Marketing Benefits

LinkedIn is one of the known social networking platforms out there. No matter how huge the audience base other social media platforms have when it comes to B2B building connections, LinkedIn leads in such a niche.

Unlike other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn is focused on B2B businesses. Recently, businesses and marketers have started seeing a decline in giant social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

Compared to other social media networks, LinkedIn’s organic growth is constant. In fact, the organic reach in LinkedIn is great compared to other networks. So no matter whether you are a small or a large business owner, LinkedIn could be the best platform for you. Here are some of the major marketing benefits of this social networking site:

  1.     Helps to build a reputation
  2.     Leads come easily
  3.     Well-targeted audience
  4.     Helps to keep business relationships

Importance of LinkedIn To A Business

As mentioned, the organic growth of LinkedIn is great. It can be the single best reason for business owners to dominate this platform. With the use of this social media network, it can be easy for you to achieve your digital goals. Here’s how it can help your business:

  1. Lead generation

Your business goal could be to gather more & more website visitors, gain new email signups, build the brand, etc. Depending on your online goal, LinkedIn can help you in different ways. With the use of this powerful platform, you can generate massive leads. After getting leads from this platform, you can convert those leads into regular customers.

  1. Job generation

Are facing issue finding skilled, qualified, and experienced employees for your company? Consider using LinkedIn. This is the platform that also focuses on connecting employees with companies. So this platform can also be used for job generation.

  1. Content sharing

One of the best ways to build the audience online is by consistently publishing relevant and high-quality content. LinkedIn is the platform where you can share articles, images, videos, etc. Depending upon your business goal, you can create & publish relevant content.

Why Are People Creating Multiple LinkedIn Accounts?

The important question comes is – can I use multiple LinkedIn accounts?

The answer is YES. You can use more than one account on LinkedIn.

Having multiple LinkedIn accounts can be advantageous. There can be different reasons why people create multiple LinkedIn accounts. Here are major reasons:

  • The major reason why people create multiple accounts is that they reach the limit of 30,000 LinkedIn connections and they want to grow their network further.
  • Another reason could be they want to have anonymous accounts.
  • One of the main reasons why people are creating multiple LinkedIn accounts is because they have multiple jobs or job roles and they want to display each of them separately. Creating different profiles is the best way to show expertise in a particular job.

So if you come under any of these categories, you can create multiple profiles. Creating multiple profiles is easy, but the important thing is to manage them. In order to help users manage multiple profiles on LinkedIn, there are different LinkedIn account management software out there in the market. With the use of account management software, managing multiple accounts would be of less stress.

Examples of Different LinkedIn Account Management Software

There are different software out there in the market which can be used for managing multiple LinkedIn accounts. Here are some examples of different account management software out there:

  1. HootSuite

HootSuite is the software through which you can manage everything without switching to different accounts. With the use of this tool, you can schedule and automate your updates. Using this software, you can easily manage up to three of your LinkedIn accounts. Here are some important features of this software:

  • Allows to manage different accounts in the one place
  • You can connect up to three accounts
  • You can schedule updates
  1. Buffer

Buffer is another popular software used for the management of multiple LinkedIn accounts. You can’t just manage your LinkedIn with this tool, it allows you to manage other social media platforms as well. The goal of this tool is to ease your social media management. Here are some features:

  • Easily publish to your multiple profiles
  • Content scheduling
  1. Oktopost

Oktopost is the best B2B social media management platform. Using this tool, you would be able to easily schedule updates and get in touch with updates from others. Here are some of its features:

  • You can schedule the content
  • Advanced LinkedIn management features
  • Publish to your multiple profiles

Why Use Quality LinkedIn Proxy While Managing Multiple LinkedIn Accounts?

You may be managing multiple accounts for your clients or for yourself. While managing multiple LinkedIn accounts, make sure you use the quality proxy. Using poor quality proxy has so many downsides. Here are some reasons why to use a quality proxy while managing multiple accounts:

  1. Security

Security plays a crucial role. If you are very much concerned about safety and security, make sure you get a good quality proxy. This becomes more important when you are working on an important project.

  1. Better connection

In order to get a smooth and fast connection, it is very important to get good quality proxy. With the use of poor quality proxy, you will have fluctuating or poor connections.

  1. Maintain anonymity

By using a premium-quality proxy, you can maintain anonymity. With the use of free proxies, the chances or risks get higher. With all the free and poor proxies, there are great risks of security and you can’t maintain anonymity with them.

Comparison Between Free Proxies & Paid LinkedIn Proxy

Planning to use the LinkedIn proxy for managing multiple accounts? You have two options – either to go with a free LinkedIn proxy or go with the paid (premium) LinkedIn proxy. Both of them have their own pros and cons.

Free LinkedIn Proxy

There are many companies that are offering you LinkedIn proxies without charging a penny. With free proxies, you do get some limitations. Free proxies become the best option for small companies or companies with very little budget, but the major downsides of free proxies are – they get banned easily, they have less bandwidth, and they provide poor connection. This is the reason why we recommend our readers to go with premium-quality proxies instead of cheap or free proxies.

Premium LinkedIn Proxy

If your main goal is to maintain the security, consider paying for the LinkedIn proxy. It is a good idea to pay for the proxy rather than getting poor performance with the proxy. With a premium LinkedIn proxy, you will get amazing performance, faster connections, better bandwidth, and better security.


LinkedIn is one of the top social networking platforms right now. Unlike other platforms, the organic reach of this platform is great. The best thing about this platform is its audience. Here you get a well-targeted and professional audience, which ensures a better conversion.

If you are someone who is managing multiple LinkedIn accounts, you do require a good account management software. And while managing multiple LinkedIn accounts, it is very essential to use the high-quality and premium LinkedIn proxy. So instead of using free proxies, make sure you use the premium one.