There are different types of proxy servers out there. These types of proxy servers include – anonymous proxy server, high anonymity proxy server, reverse proxy server, transparent proxy server, distorting proxy server, intercepting proxy server, socks proxy server, FTP proxy server, HTTP proxy server, and SSL proxy server.

These different kinds of proxy servers can be categorized based on their popularity and protocols. In this post, we will explain the major differences between the SOCKS5 proxy and HTTP/HTTPS proxy. Before discussing the differences, let us understand the meaning and application of the SOCKS5 proxy server.

What is SOCKS5?

SOCKS (Socket Secure) is an internet protocol, used for proxy servers. This is an internet protocol that exchanges network packets between a client and a server through the proxy server. Just like any other proxy, SOCKS5 is also the one that works as an intermediary between the user and the server.

Your IP may be blocked from accessing a particular site. If you are facing internet blocks with your server, using SOCKS5 can help you avoid the internet blocks. With the SOCKS5 proxy server, there will be no program, protocol, or traffic limitations.

With this proxy, you will get faster and reliable connections. You can expect faster and reliable connections when you are using a quality SOCKS5 server. With the free proxy server, you should not expect to get faster connections.

Apart from poor and unreliable connections with free proxy servers, there is also the problem of privacy. When you don’t pay a single penny for the proxy server you are using, you are more likely to see the privacy issues. Here are some applications for SOCKS proxy:

Hide your location

The first and the major advantage of the SOCKS5 proxy server is it allows you to hide your location. When you are working on an important project and want to hide your location, getting the SOCKS5 server can help you. Using this, you can send all the traffic via the proxy server, which allows you to hide your location and create anonymity.

Better security

The security is based on whether you get a private SOCKS5 proxy or free SOCKS proxy. With the free proxy, you should not expect to get much security. But, when you pay for the proxy server, you get better security.

Faster and reliable connections

In order to get a faster and reliable connection, consider getting SOCKS proxy. It will ensure a hassle-free experience. The faster connection will avoid wasting your time.

Bypass geo-blocking

Geographic content blocking means when a particular website, service, movie, show, video, etc, is banned for a particular geographic location from the access. SOCKS5 server can be used for bypassing geo-blocking and content censorship.

Difference Between SOCKS5 Proxy VS HTTP/HTTPS Proxy

Before we understand the points of differences between the SOCKS5 proxy and HTTP/HTTPS proxy, it is essential to have a brief idea about both of these.

SOCKS5 Proxy

SOCKS5 is the type of internet protocol that sends network packets from the server to the client and from the client to the server. The information managed in the SOCKS5 is with the use of a proxy server. In general, this proxy is more secured as compared to HTTP proxy.


Whenever you search in the web browser, you will find links starting with ‘https’. It shows that the web page is using the HTTP protocol. The ‘https’ is the secured extension of HTTP. Comparing this proxy with SOCKS5, HTTP proxy does not work well with other protocols.

Here are some major differences between the SOCKS5 proxy & HTTP/HTTPS proxy:


When it comes to functionality, it differs in both SOCKS proxy and HTTP/HTTPS proxy. The HTTPS proxies use just HTTP protocol. It is ideal for users who use it for gathering information from the web browser. Talking about SOCKS5, it does not use the HTTP protocol. This kind of proxy server is used mainly for general purposes.


Security is the most crucial factor for any user. The main purpose of using proxies is to remain safe when accessing any information online. With HTTPS proxies, the chances of your data being viewed are very high. Talking about SOCKS5 proxy, there are minimal chances for your data being viewed. This is because SOCKS5 can’t read data.


Different types of proxies can connect with different types of tools. Talking about SOCKS5 and HTTP proxies, they both can connect with different tools. HTTP proxy server can connect with almost all tools, but the SOCKS5 proxy server can’t connect with all the tools.


The speed also differs in both – SOCKS5 and HTTP proxy servers. The speed you will get with HTTP proxy will be based on whether you select private or public proxy. The speed you will get with SOCKS5 proxy will be fast.

Difference Between Free SOCKS5 vs Private SOCKS5 Proxy

When you buy SOCKS 5 proxy, you would have two options available – free or private (dedicated). The result you will get with this proxy type will be based on whether you are selecting free or private SOCKS proxy. Using free vs private proxy has its own pros and cons. 

But, it is advisable to use private SOCKS5 proxy instead of a free one. Using the free proxy server has many limitations. Here are the major differences between free SOCKS5 vs private SOCKS5 servers:


Performance plays an important role while using any kind of proxy. The performance you will get from free and private proxies will be different. With the free SOCKS5 proxy, the performance will be very poor as compared to the private SOCKS5. So if you are working on an important project, consider using the private or dedicated proxy server instead of a free one.


For the free SOCKS5 proxy, you do not have to pay anything, but for private or dedicated SOCKS proxy, you have to spend some money. So, the major point of difference between them is one is paid while another one is free. With a free proxy, you can’t expect to get a great experience, because you are not paying anything.

Privacy issues

The problem of privacy issues will increase when you go with a free proxy. No company is out there to provide you free of cost service. So whenever you hear about free proxy servers, the chances of privacy issues will be high.


To get a reliable and fast connection speed, go with the private or dedicated SOCKS proxy. With a premium proxy server, you will get amazing speed and great overall performance. On the flip side, with the free proxy, the speed and performance quality will be poor. In short, if you are very conscious about the speed and performance of the server, go with a private SOCKS5 proxy server.

SOCKS5 Proxy Conclusion

The major goal of any proxy server is to help with security and keep the anonymity of the user. Proxies are of different types. Depending on the proxy type, the performance and user experience will differ. Among different proxy types, here we have discussed about SOCKS proxy and HTTP/HTTPS proxy.

In this post, we have talked about what is SOCKS proxy, what are its applications, the difference between SOCKS5 proxy & HTTP proxy, and the difference between free SOCKS5 proxy & private SOCKS5 proxy.