Highlight: Learn why you should only rely on good Australia proxy for your work. Proxies can be simply defined as intermediaries that act as buffers between people and the internet: allows internet users to hide their IP address from website servers. 

Free Proxies

Are proxies that are free to use; with no fees paid, but still being able to hide the identity of an internet user.


  1. Are easily available 
  2. Can be used by anyone at any given time


  1. Offer minimal or no encryption to important personal and confidential data
  2. Are not reliable; can crash or disappear 
  3. Are prone to cyber attack, malware, or poor server configuration; result in stealing, manipulation of data   

Shared Proxies

Are another form of proxies that are shared. Multiple users can access and use the same server/proxies at the same time; hence, they use the same IP addresses. However, the server limits the number of users sharing a proxy. 


  1. Are safe from hackers as they are offered by legitimate companies 
  2. Are inexpensive and easily accessed by users 
  3. Better than free proxies


  1. Users are responsible for everyone who uses these proxies: if you are sharing a proxy with someone who does spamming on his end, the entire IP address could be banned from the website in question.
  2. Are more unsafe and insecure than dedicated proxies 

Dedicated or Private Proxies

Are private proxies that are dedicated for your usage only – only used by one person. 


  1. Are convenient in terms of time use, better connectivity, and reliability
  2. Provide stable data traffic and run round the clock 
  3. Offer safer and secure data handling than free proxies


  1. Are personalized proxies; used by one user only 
  2. Only used by interested users, especially those subscribed to the service 
  3. Users are granted access to the proxy servers on payment 

What Are Australia Proxy Used For?

Australian proxy can be used to watch videos or listen to music from various websites. You can also browse with Australian IP and use to access blocked sites, buy clothes, limited-edition sneakers, etc. 

Australian web proxy allows you to browse with an Australian IP address and access any website around the world. Using Australian web proxy, the Australian proxy servers can allow you to load Australian websites from another country and access a foreign website from Australia.

Why You Should Only Purchase Quality Australian Proxies from Reliable Provider vs. Free Proxies

High-quality Australian proxies from reliable providers offer outstanding services for both username/password and IP authentication. In addition to allowing you to change your IP address once a month for free, they also charge you less per proxy when you purchase in bulk quantity. 

Using quality Australian proxies let you submit the same website as many times as possible, which ultimately enhances the efficiency of your search engine campaign. It fastens the process of getting your website ranked by a search engine based on the volume of links and speed. It can also be useful in allocating different exit IP address after a few minutes and for each web request as well.