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Elite Proxies

We at Proxy Gurus are proud to offer highly specialized proxy services for search engine scraping, bots and automation software, content unblocking and more.

Use Cases

Search Engine Scraping

Our proxies are optimized for search engine scraping, with high bandwidth availability and multi-threading capabilities.

Unblock Content

Our private proxies use elite security protocols that allow users to unblock content easily.

Web Advertisement & Marketing

Our in-house optimization techniques make these proxies suitable for posting advertisements and other related content efficiently.

Bots and Automated Software

Simple IP and port configuration make our proxies ideal for botting and automation software configuration.

Quality Guaranteed!

Fast Delivery

30 minutes! Yes, the proxies are delivered within 30 minutes after a successful purchase.


Manage your proxies without even accessing your customer portal using our API.

Protocols Supported

Proxy Gurus supports various connectivities like SOCKS, HTTP &  HTTPS.


Proxy Gurus gives you the flexibility to select multiple locations for your proxies.

Test Proxies

Users can always test the proxies before making a purchase. Get in touch with our support team to request a free trial.

No Bandwidth Limitations

Enjoy unmetered proxy usage with no limitation on bandwidth.



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