About Us

Our Mantra!

Proxy Gurus is a newly formed proxy service provider with an aim to provide top-notch user experience – A user experience that ensures the delivery of quality products and also an experience that propels us far ahead of our competitors.

We at Proxy Gurus are committed to providing a diversified range of products and services, with the objective to satisfy various user requirements.

We understand that the market is extremely competitive, and that is why we would like to differentiate our products and services from our competitors, through the delivery of quality proxies that are enhanced with many value-added services.

We have our datacenters hosted in more than 15 locations within the United States, and also in Europe and Asia.

We have a team of client-relation specialists that are committed in their jobs, to deliver the best customer support experience to our customers.

Get in touch with our customer support team to request a trial.