One of the most irritable words that may pop up amid web surfing is “proxy timeout”. We all have encountered this error at least once. Well, it’s a big nightmare for you if you are a routine proxy user or have a business that relies on it. This error clearly indicates that you no longer can use the proxy without fixing it. Alas! But, before we state how to fix connection timeout, we’d explain to you what does the proxy error means.

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What is Proxy Timeout Error?

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A Proxy Timeout Error also termed proxy server connection timeout, has multiple reasons to occur. If you’re wondering what Proxy servers do, let’s learn about it first.

A Proxy server acts as an intermediary or a gateway between an internet user and the internet server. Proxies are used to hide your internet connection for keeping privacy and security in your tasks such as web scraping projects. It is also employed to speed up the internet response and ultimately quick web page load. It works by sending data requests to the proxy server and ultimately to the web server by an anonymous IP address.

Once the data request is sent, expect two responses; whether the requested page loads uninterrupted or proxy timeout error occurs. It typically happens when a server is taking a lot of time to respond to the data request. It tells you not to look any further for the response and save yourself time. Though, that

As much as this timeout error and looking idly at the blank screen irritates, it’s good as well. Without them being in the place, you’d never know how long a page will take to load – maybe forever.

Many people are confused about what does the connection timeout means. Until now this question might have crossed your mind as well. All these phrases are used interchangeably and refer to the lack of response from the server end.

Why does a Proxy Timeout Error occurs?

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So, we’ll now feed your curiosity by answering why the Proxy timeout Error occurs. It’s also important to know before you learn about error fixes as a clear understanding will help in the right diagnosis and its handling. It could be one of the below-mentioned reasons why you’re viewing the proxy timeout message;

1.    Poor internet connection

This is the most commonly prevailing issue in timeout errors. It occurs when your network connection is weak and takes an ample amount of time for the proxy server to reach the web server and respond to the HTTP/HTTPS request. This resolves by running a quick check over your internet connection.

2.    Server problem

If your internet connection is up and running, then there might be an issue with the web server. This could occur if the web server has a poor configuration in technical terms such as low RAM, slow processor, or low capacity hard drive. Sometimes even when the technical configuration is fine, lack of optimization creates timeout errors. You can check with your hosting provider where the issue exists.

3.    DNS configuration

If Domain Name Server (DNS) is not properly configured for the domain, timeout errors will occur when our browser will not get the correct information.

4.    Browser settings

Browser settings can be played with to resolve the proxy timeout issue. For this, you can clear browsing data such as cookies, app data, cache files, etc. that saves overtime and may hinder browser functioning. You can also try updating your web browser.

5.    Firewall misconfiguration

A firewall is a security system that restricts certain inbound and outbound traffic. By using the firewall rules, traffic can be controlled or restricted. Conflicts between your firewall and your proxy can produce timeout errors. Altering your firewall settings may help if it’s blocking the proxy. 

6.    Website unavailable

If you observe that the connection has timed out on certain websites and not the others, the issue lies with the website and not with the proxy. Over time, websites go under maintenance and hence temporarily unavailable to be reached. If web access is down, this isn’t something to be resolved at your end. 

7.    Proxy server issue

If the timeout value on the proxy server is kept short while all the connection requests are passing through it, it will repeatedly result in a proxy timeout.

8.    Problematic browser extensions

Extensions are all good until they encroach on your web surfing and be a nuisance. Often, these extensions are not fully compatible with the browser and result in connectivity timeout errors. If you figure out the one, try disabling it or removing it altogether.

Finding the Right Proxy to Use

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Getting the message ERR_PROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED is no less than a mood buster. However, you might be the one who needs to choose the right proxy server.

Multiple free proxies are being advertised on the internet which are good to go with, but, they may cause privacy concerns or steal your data. Public proxies are tempting in their offers but beware of the trouble you can get into by using them. Private proxies, including Dedicated and Semi-dedicated proxies, are an optimal choice.

Dedicated vs. semi-dedicated proxy

Semi-dedicated proxies let you be more secure in your browsing as they allow only a limited number of users at a time. This shared proxy can still pose a security threat if you are creating or accessing your accounts with it.

Dedicated proxies, on the other hand, are the best ones to use and significantly prevent proxy timeout errors. They are exclusive to you and allow no one to share the server by infiltrating. They provide full privacy and security information as well as let you enjoy unlimited bandwidth.

If you’d like to know more about fixing the ‘error proxy connection failed’ message, stick to further reading.

Solutions to Fix Proxy Timeout Errors

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The constant disconnects can be frustrating and need a quick fix. Try out these methods to cut down on connection timeouts.

1.    Troubleshoot internet connection

As soon as the proxy timeout error message appears, troubleshoot your internet connectivity as it might be the culprit. Once done, try refreshing the web page or the app. You can restart your router as a first resort and wait at least 30 seconds before you plug it in back. Usually, public wifis are slow due to heavy traffic and if you’re using the one, expect timeout messages more than ever.

2.    Upgrade your browser

Many a time we overlook the available browser updates and forget how important they are for various good reasons. Probably this could be the cause of your web timeouts as outdated browsers can be a complete annoyance. Also, keep clearing browser caches as it might slow down their functioning. If the error persists, the issue might not be with your internet browser.

3.    Get rid of unnecessary software

You’d be surprised to know that your computer contains more software than you had actually ever downloaded. All acknowledgment to these fake proxies and malicious websites that automatically download software without you knowing. One prominent example is antivirus programs that get installed out of nowhere. These programs, if genuine, stop you from using your proxies even if it’s all safe. So, check back and disable any such options as well as a firewall on your system.

4.    Clear up extra extensions

We all love browser extensions as they’re a quick solution to our multiple online glitches. But many of them may interfere with the internet connection and cause a proxy timeout. Clear out all the unused extensions and add-ons as it may boost up your browser speed as a bonus.

5.    Script bugs

An error might exist in your web coding. Skim the coding and filter out all such dirty codes by a manual debug. Checking the logs may land you on the problematic code.

6.    Change and propagation of DNS server

If the DNS server is configured as per the Internet Service Provider’s DNS server, it would be better to replace the ISP’s DNS with a public DNS. Many renowned public DNS servers recurrently get updated. After altering the settings, don’t rush rather wait a couple of hours to let these DNS servers update their records. This process is referred to as DNS propagation.

7.    Change your proxy

Sometimes the problematic element is not too far and lies right into the proxy itself. If everything else fails, then proxy itself might be the issue. You might want to give up on the free proxy and use a fully dedicated one to get rid of the proxy timeout errors. Nevertheless, always aim for a paid private proxy with added security to your data, information, and the use of the internet connection.

A Final Word

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The proxy timeout errors are way common and just don’t bother you only. These issues occur due to different reasons and can be resolved by following the steps mentioned above in the article. They can better be prevented by using private proxies, regular cleaning of all the junk, and using a fast internet connection.