Intellectual property protection, in a simpler version, is guarding your intangible assets. You have most likely heard the words ‘trademark’, ‘copyright’, ‘patent’, and others. They all lie under the umbrella term Intellectual Property.

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To summarize, this article will extensively discuss what is intellectual property protection, intellectual property proxies, and property protection monitoring. Additionally, we’ll see how businesses use proxies for intellectual property protection.

What is Intellectual Property?

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Intellectual property refers to those cognitive creations that are intangible and emerge from human intellect. This includes any artistic, literary, and fictional work. Movies, books, and music to name a few. It also constitutes the construction of any images, designs, and symbols. When such creations are protected from illegal use or theft, this is rendered as intellectual property protection.

Here are a few prominent examples of intellectual property:

  • Microsoft’s logo
  • JK Rowling’s Harry Potter book
  • Warner Bros. movies
  • Patents for the items such as telephone, Bluetooth, The Internal Combustion Engine, light bulb, etc.

Whether a business or an individual owns an IP, safeguarding is a crucial aspect of it. In the era of digitization, intellectual property has also been technologically upgraded. One example is software intellectual property and if it’s not protected, software code can be copied or stolen. Intellectual property proxies are a great way to identify the person who’s stealing your web code.

Intellectual Property Protection

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Intellectual property is protected by law. IP rights allow the owner to earn recognition and monetary advantage from their creations. It disallows every other person to use the item without permission.

As a business, you can protect your IP rights and discourage infringement from potential attackers. But before, let’s see how gravely it can affect your business.

Why Brand Protection is Important

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There’s always a high risk of IP infringement and businesses must stay vigilant of the theft. Brand protection is extremely important to keep your business going and growing with a good reputation. You surely wouldn’t want to lose all those years of hard work, good-will, and value. Here are some other good reasons to focus on shielding your intellectual property.

·       Increase brand value

Customers buy from trusted sellers and when they know they’re investing in a brand that keeps its originality and uniqueness a priority, they spend money without a second thought. Hence, protecting your intellectual property can significantly boost your sales and brand value

·       Gaining exclusive rights

Intellectual Property protection gives you exclusive rights and provides legal protection to your creations. It stops every other person from stealing, replicating, or selling your idea. You become the sole owner of your intellectual property and can take legal action against infringement.

·       Discourage counterfeiting and exploitation

Counterfeiters damage a brand’s reputation by replicating their goods and selling them at a lower price. They sell replicas and put your brand’s reputation to death. This makes you lose your clientele as well as potential earnings. IP will build up your customers’ trust in you by not getting betrayed by fakers.

·       Stolen business ideas

Sometimes, people steal ideas from small startups and build their own empires, which is very harmful to struggling investors. This hinders their growth and the opportunity to succeed. Therefore, it is important to protect your property using trademarks, patents, or copyrights.

·       Additional expenses on legal processes

If you overlook protecting your IP beforehand, it will charge a major fiscal amount to fight back counterfeiters and protect your property rights after they have been stolen or replicated. Lengthy legal processes will cost you your resources. To avoid these hassles in the first place, sign up for IP protection.

Ways Intellectual Property Protection Works

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It works by detecting, enforcing, validating, and reporting brand theft cases. Here’s how it’s done:

Detecting: This comes from the detection of any suspicious activity or unauthorized access to your products/ software/ coding etc. It takes businesses to stay aware and keep track. 

Enforcing: If an IPP violation is detected, businesses move forward by enforcing their rights. This can be done by sending a legal notice or officially lodging a complaint.

Validating: Prior to enforcing a legal action, it is important to prove your rightful ownership of the thing you’re protecting and that it’s trespassing your property without your permission.

Reporting: Finally reporting the infringement to authorities to do the needful for intellectual property protection is important. This also halts other impostors from making theft attempts.

How Businesses Use Proxies For Brand Protection

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Web scraping is a common practice in the world of the internet. It is mainly used for collecting data from a website by skipping the nuisance of manually extracting the required information. But it’s imperative to keep your privacy and proxies help with just that.

Businesses use proxies to protect their intellectual property. It works by crawling the web and seeing if your data or trademarks are being stolen by another company. This property protection monitoring served by proxies is a great way to keep track of any illegal activity happening against your business.

Brand abuse typically involves infringers claiming business domain names. This cybersquatting leads to the misuse of trademarks. Cyber attackers also attempt to imitate the websites defaming services and/or products.

How do proxies help?

Using proxies for intellectual property protection can be a life-saver! The key is to invest in a reliable proxy server such as Proxy Gurus and stay away from fraudulent proxy providers. Here are a few good reasons proxies can prove useful for IP protection;

1.    Assist in business security

Due to the greater online presence of businesses, the risk of malicious activities and cyber attacking has increased. To protect your server from such harmful traffic and potential hackers, a trustworthy proxy service can shield your network from online breaches.

2.    Block access to certain content

Another important thing to keep track of is your employees reaching out for malicious and offensive content under your company’s network. Plenty of such offensive sites contain viruses and malware which can damage your network and create havoc such as corrupt files, deleting essential data, or stealing valuable business information.

Proxies allow you to protect your intellectual property by restricting access to certain websites on your business’s network.

3.    Conceal the identity of your business’s web traffic

Many a time you would want to perform sensitive or confidential tasks online via your network. This may include valuable information, visual creations, or many more. To protect them from getting leaked, copied, or imitated by external entities, you can now anonymize your web traffic and do the tasks safely online by using proxies.

4.    End-to-end encryption

Business communications have become more online over the past few years and keeping it confident is now a necessity. A reliable proxy server can keep your business communications encrypted and ensure no third party gets involved in your business communications and mess them up.

5.    Improve loading speeds

In case you need to access a website that’s blocked, it takes a lot of time to load. This can cost you a lot of your valuable time and can be annoying. Proxies, on the other hand, grab the content for you and cut on the loading times. This also helps in identifying those who have stolen your IP and hides it.

Which Proxies Can Be Used for IP protection?

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There are multiple proxy servers to choose from for intellectual property protection. Therefore, it’s important to keep track of the right proxy server to use. Without familiarizing yourself with proxies, you can not use the right one.

§  Residential proxies

Residential proxies are a preferred type of proxy to use as they have a physical address causing your activity to look human.

They’re more expensive than other proxies and offer value when it comes to brand protection.

Benefits include:

  • Highly effective
  • Bypasses IP blocks
  • Target data globally
  • Extremely secure

§  Datacenter proxies

These proxies come from a  data center instead of ISPs. They are faster and get results quicker than residential proxies. However, they are so fast, that websites can more easily detect you, causing you to get blocked.

Datacenter proxies can be used for scraping websites or bypassing restricted sites and hence detect IP theft from across the borders.

Data center advantages include:

  • Affordability
  • High performance
  • Widespread utility
  • Protection and anonymity

Proxy Guru offers unparalleled security and authenticity. Depending on your needs, you can find the proxies that will help you achieve your IPP goals. We are a hub of trusted and cost-effective solutions.

Final Word

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Intellectual property protection or brand protection is a great way to secure your business, ideas, creativity, and any other intangible assets. Not only businesses but individuals also get attacked by counterfeits and suffer from financial or reputation loss.

It’s not always a great idea to put your creative assets at risk and reach out for defensive ways beforehand. Proxies are crucial to incorporate in brand protection strategy as it serves as a basis for a secure business establishment and long-term run.

However, using the right proxy server helps fight against the IPP threats your company might have.