Looking for where to buy an Indian proxy? In this article, you will find the best India proxy types and an Indian proxy server.

Before we proceed further, you must know what these proxies are for and why someone would use an Indian proxy. If you are going to use proxies then at least you should have an idea of what these are or for what purpose you are using these for. Actually, proxies serve as middlemen between our computer and worldwide Internet.

If your computer or device already has an IP of their own operating system then why do we need to use Indian proxies? There are a stream of examples regarding proxies which can explain the concept to you. Let’s suppose you want to open an anonymous site in India which is blocked by the authorities then how will you open it? Here, the Indian proxy comes to help us. By using these proxies, we change our location and IP address to a different location where the site is allowed to be accessed.

That’s how you can easily access any anonymous website while at home even if it is restricted because the server wouldn’t get your location. Servers will get the IP address of the Indian proxy server instead.

Different Types of India Proxy

There are different types of proxies: Indian Private proxies as well as Free Indian Proxy. Let’s see the top used types of proxies and why these proxies are used and everything about them.

  •       Free Proxies
  •       Shared Proxies
  •       Dedicated Proxies

Free Proxies

True to its name, these types of proxies are free to use and the type of proxies which are mostly freely available. You can also call them “Open Proxies”.


  •       Free or public proxies help you to conceal your IP address from other web servers.
  •       Generally free to use and can easily be found on the internet.


  •       Free proxies are mostly easily available and can be used without asking permission. With this it can cause potential security risk. One can make it easy for hackers to get into their system.
  •       Most of the illegal content is spread via Free proxies.
  •       Because too many users are allowed the same IP at the same time, these proxies are normally slow.

Shared Proxies

As defined by its name – Proxies which are shared between more than one person.

You may wonder why these proxies are used. When you visit any website and accept its cookies, it means you allow them to have a check on you. They can see what you do on the internet and know what your interests are and so on. This feels like a bit insecure and that’s why shared proxies were introduced. With this, a number of users access the site at the same time without allowing them to check their IP and location.


They are almost cost-free and a more secure access than free or public proxies.

They last longer than free proxies


They are risky as well because all of the users share the IPs, so the illegal activity of any of them can become a problem for you.

These proxies are usually slower than dedicated proxies because of larger traffic.

Dedicated Proxies

It can be considered as the most secure type among all of the other proxies . With the use of dedicated India proxy servers, you are able to access some websites that are certainly not allowed or restricted on your local IP.


  •       Much faster compared to other types of proxy servers.
  •       Offers better if not ultimate protection
  •       Most apps work much better when running on dedicated proxy servers


  •       Paid service and much expensive when compared to shared proxies.