Telegram is all about security and speed. This is not my claim but Telegram claims this itself. Telegram is just like WhatsApp but with less user base. Hence, they want to provide their customers with opportunities to reach large audiences with ease.

We can make groups containing even 200,000 members. Not only the people who are in our phone directory but also, we can find people through their username. No need to share a personal mobile number for chatting.

Telegram operates on cloud infrastructure, this provides more space for its members, with less local storage footprint for the device. It takes very negligible space in our local memory, and everything is on the cloud, this means if we want to flourish through Telegram, we need internet connection all the time.

The Telegram Marketing Potential

The Telegram reported 200 million monthly active users in April 2018 and growing. More than that, they provide a very important feature for business marketing through their bot feature.

Businesses can build their programs which will operate their Telegram account for their customers. It can fetch the information about their product, status of their order, payment, etc. It can handle a complete customer relationship management but at a more personalized level.

Basically, businesses appoint a team to handle their personal message accounts. In Telegram they provide an open API to build our own tool to connect to customers in whatever way we want. Our bot account can be part of groups and can contribute to those communities.

Also, we can appoint admins to manage groups, which can be created through workflow management in any software. Also, with the use of hashtags, we can make our own twitter inside our groups.

Large Telegram Groups For Marketing

The best part is that we can do all this for 200,000 members/groups. We can bring our whole customer base, and through customer relationship management software, we can personally interact with each of our customers and leave a deeper imprint.

Since everything is in the cloud, Telegram won’t take much space on any of our devices. And, we can sync it to multiple devices, even if a team of 10 people is working simultaneously, each message will be synced through the cloud.

Everything is updated real-time. But for all this to happen, we need an uninterrupted and fast internet connection. Without it, Telegram offers will not be fruitful for our business. And for fast internet, proxies are a great boost.

What Are Proxies?

Proxies are routes through which we reach the internet. Our devices have IP addresses whenever they are connected to the internet. When we roam around in the digital world, we carry it as a board over our head.

But, when we are using proxies, the address on this board changes to something else, hiding our information from the internet.

We can surf the internet and do whatever we want without exposing our IP address. But this is not the only thing they are good at. Proxies can accelerate internet speed while keeping us secure from outer threats. Businesses use proxies to keep their development and internal environment separated from their outreach. First of all, there is no need to keep our internal software on public servers, and also if they are there, our internal data can be targeted by some notorious hackers.

Hence, proxies are not only a must, but they are also actually great for our network. 

How Do Telegram Proxy Help In Telegram Marketing?

Telegram offers a personalized chat platform. It is getting famous day by day because of the number of features it has to offer for its customers – people and businesses alike. It is a great platform to reach our customers with personalized content, directly in their chatbox.

It is fast hence we can reach a lot more people in very less time. It is secure to save us from prying eyes. And, lots of other features to keep us engaged. The most striking feature for us is their bot management system.

Through this, we can attach our whole customer relationship management system to Telegram. Telegram keeps most of itself on the cloud, which gives better synchronicity for coordinated marketing efforts but makes it dependent on the internet a lot.

Hence, we need an uninterrupted internet. Imagine our software is simultaneously replying to thousands of customer queries, do we want it to be offline for even a second? I doubt it.

We can be part of groups and monitoring conversations about us, this is a continuous process, and it needs fuel. Which is an internet connection. Since Telegram provides us far more reach than WhatsApp, it is great for personalized mass marketing efforts.

On the other hand, Telegram still holds a clean record. Hence, we can still reach a lot more customers with ease as compared to other social media platforms for personal conversations. Now, if there is a lot of potential in Telegram and it is convenient to operate for larger marketing programs, we can couple them with proxies and unleash their complete potential.

Below Are Some Of The Core Benefits Our Telegram Marketing Plan Can Get After Being Coupled To Telegram Proxy

Telegram Proxy’s Speed

Speed, data, uninterrupted, consistent, etc. are some of the terms we always want to hear about our internet connection. We want it to be fast, because who wants to wait nowadays? Telegram proxy servers are experts in boosting network speed as they are run on an independent and powerful machine. Interacting with the digital world on our behalf.

When a complete dedicated server is taking care of our URL, our customers will get quick responses. When we talk about speed, it is just not needed in a network, rather in reaching our customers too.

The first one to reach the customers is often the one who walks away with the money. Hence, speed in the supply chain is very critical. Proxies are a very important part of the data supply chain for our organization.

Dedicated servers disperse other noise and purely work to make our website or message through Telegram reach our customers at the earliest. When there is less burden on the network, it always works better. Just like too many wi-fi users suck the wi-fi speed, too many applications running on the same hardware gives the same effect.

Telegram Proxy’s Security

Who doesn’t want to be secure? We all want it badly. Now, a proxy for Telegram can not only make it the fastest horse, but it also keeps it safe and anonymous. Through proxy servers, we can hide from the beings of the darknet.

As the digital revolution unfolds, there are so many loopholes left. Though we are trying to fill them day by day, we are still catching up with our speed. No technology in this world is completely impenetrable.

Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies are often looted by hackers from crypto wallets around the globe. But these things are not important enough to curb this digital boom. Proxies act as an extra layer of security for us. They cover us from the farthest end of our digital footprint.

Telegram marketing is very personalized, and we don’t want to talk about something silly. Hence, security through proxies is a sure go to.

Telegram Proxy’s Multi-location Footprint

If we are running out customer relationship software attached with Telegram, we would be working from so many locations simultaneously. And every time one of our team members, sitting at another location replies with their IP addresses, this can expose so many systems of our network to the outside threat.

Hence, proxies are there too to save us. It is a blanket cover. No matter how many people are sending signals to the server from the side, it will always be a single IP address, our proxy address.

Proxies provide totally new dimensions to our IT network’s security and flexibility. Hence, networks running on proxy networks are awesome and contribute heavily to the success of the organization.

Now, if we know proxies are great, we need to look a bit deeper. And, decide among different types of proxies, who can add value to our business success efforts.

Free Telegram Proxy

Free proxy and Telegram are a bad combination, a really bad one. 

Free proxies run on shared and sold hardware. Shared by other users and owned by the advertiser’s money. Hence, running Telegram marketing efforts on them will not be a good idea.

We will be prone to hacks when we use these types of proxies. And even if no one is interested in us, we will be facing a very slow internet connection. In a data-intensive social media platform like Telegram, a slow internet connection is a big roadblock, the lethal one.

Shared Telegram Proxy

Share Telegram proxies are better than the free ones as they are shared by a few number of people. This gives a push to the internet speed, from pathetic to may be acceptable types. But still, it is shared by other people.

Two things create friction when we are working on shared proxies, the first one is the speed of the network which is burdened by requests from other people, and the other part is security. We don’t know what others are doing. Are they harassing someone, or hacking someone’s website?

Once our proxy address is blacklisted, it will be too late before we get to know about it. More than 90% of purchase decisions are done based on emotions and are often impulsive. Hence, a downtime of our application can cost us millions.

Who knows who wanted to contact us? Maybe a million-dollar customer. Hence, if we are looking for serious business, we should avoid shared proxies too. But we can surely use them for less commercial purposes.

Less commercial purposes social media influencing, but for personalized outreach towards our customers, a more secure and fast alternative is desirable. Telegram and proxies should be a perfect blend to make it happen.

Dedicated Telegram Private Proxies

These are the proxies used by businesses for their global outreach. A dedicated proxy for Telegram provides all the desirable opportunities expected from proxy infrastructure. They are fast, agile and secure.

No one is there to bother us by sharing our network speed, it will be us, and us only. Coupling this with rotating proxies can give further cover to our network. We will always be anonymous, by keeping changing our IP address.

Also, modern proxy servers contain caching features to boost the loading time of our content on the internet. Hence rotating proxies coupled with caching can add surmountable value to our infrastructure.

Telegram is cool and soon going to be very popular on the eastern side of the globe as well. It is very open for other people to collaborate and contribute in their own ways. Hence, Telegram can be our next stop to reach the hearts of our customers.

It is personalized, other than other social media platforms, and like WhatsApp, it is used for personal conversations, who are encrypted end to end. Hence, Telegram can provide a great way to influence the emotions of our prospects in our favor.


But we need a fast internet. As everything on Telegram is on the cloud and we need a strong internet network to reach and load things swiftly. Adding proxies can add considerable value to our internet network.

They are fast, they are secure and they are flexible. 

It is time to create our personalized Telegram marketing plans and execute them with efficiency by coupling them with proxies.

All the best.