Abused IP issues and tired of slow surfing on the Internet have become the primary reason for the people online.

However, there is nothing an online user can do in such regard other than consider the proxies.

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Yes, proxies are one of the best options in the current times that can save you from abused IPs and slow Internet. And while selecting the Proxies, Dedicated Proxies are something that is so highlighted these days.

If you want to know about the Pros and Cons and get the whole idea, you have come to the right place. In fact, by the end of this article, you will be pretty sure whether Dedicated Proxies are helpful for you or not, along with getting all of the important details. So, let’s start talking about it.

What Are Dedicated Proxies?

learn about dedicated proxy

You can call it a Private proxy or Dedicated Proxy in the market language, where a dedicated server is allocated to the person where an IP can be hosted under the proxy.

The best part about considering a private proxy is that nobody can access it. Meanwhile, no other user is connected to this proxy so that you won’t feel slow facilities issues. Meanwhile, you will never get the consequences of sharing the content with it.

Even in the peak hours of using the Internet, you can Connect to the Dedicated proxy and enjoy the seamless experience. Moreover, the entire service will be dedicated to you, which is outstanding. So, whenever you plan to Buy Dedicated Proxies, this specific definition will make everything easier for you to concern.

Known Use Cases of Dedicated Proxies:

some known use cases of dedicated proxies

Managing Multiple Accounts Of A Website:

If you manage multiple accounts on the Internet from one IP, it will get you negative notice. The IP would get blocked, which can cause a major issue in your life.

In that case, using a Dedicated Proxy can become a beneficial thing for managing multiple accounts without any issues.

Safety Of Finances:

You would have loads of sensitive information online if you are earning money, as your bank details would be required to get the payments.

Due to these reasons, the financial securities also come along with you that need to be protected in any case. Therefore, you have to use the dedicated proxy to keep the routing numbers, bank accounts, and credit card numbers safe.

Stay Anonymous:

Anonymously searching on the web pages or the search engines can keep you safe when you are doing a business where it’s required. Therefore, using a Dedicated proxy will get you anonymous throughout the time, which is outstanding.

Get Good Internet speed:

Browsing history and search data caching on the Internet are outstanding when using a proxy server. It helps out for an efficient and faster browsing experience. Therefore, the use of Dedicated Proxies is helpful for you in the same regard.

How To Use Dedicated Proxies?

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If you have Buy Dedicated Proxy, it contains a universal use method for personal or professional reasons. So, let’s elaborate on it in the form of steps.

Step 1: 

First of all, you need to log in with the details you entered at registration.

Step 2: 

After entering the details, it will ask you to download the extension, which probably happens most of the time due to easiness of usage.

Step 3:

After you download the extension, load it to the Google chrome section by getting inside the extension feature. After that, it will add to your browser.

Step 4:

After the extension is added to the Browser, You have to enter the Proxy port number and Proxy server, in most cases, to Turn-on the Proxy for use.

Step 5: 

Turn on the proxy, then search for anything on the Web browser.

Dedicated vs. Semi-Dedicated vs. Free Proxies (Pros and Cons):

dedicated vs semi-dedicated vs free proxies

Dedicated Proxies:


  • Due to Clean IP History, you can get the highest success rate of Data collection.
  • It provides you with a higher speed as you won’t need to use it in a shared network.


  • Costly.

Semi-Dedicated Proxies:


  • Less Expensive.
  • Supports SOCKS and HTTP Protocols.


  • Un-suitable for Large-scale projects.

Free Proxies:


  • Hides your IP.
  • Access to Geo-restricted locations.


  • Not safe.

How Are Private Dedicated Proxies Safe?

private dedicated proxies safe

One of the major reasons you should opt for a Private Dedicated Proxy is that it can only use by you as an individual.

No other person can use the Dedicated proxy alongside, which restricts the whole chances of your data getting compromised.

If we talk about another type of proxies, you tend to use it in a shared environment where many people would have to use it alongside. Therefore, the security will compromise if any users tend to use it for some negative purposes.

The use of free proxies is based upon a shared purpose, and it has caused a lot of issues in the past. But, dedicated proxies won’t make such reasons at all.

Buy Dedicated Proxies:

way to buy dedicated proxy

If you are thinking about getting improved security, Website control, Balanced Internet traffic, staying anonymous, and searching anywhere without any restrictions, you should Buy Dedicated Proxies.

Dedicated Proxies tend to come with high prices; however, it makes your entire life tension-free and safer on the Internet.

Especially for business owners who need to do multiple outstanding tasks without showing their existence on the Internet, dedicated proxies tend to be the best option for them.

Final Thoughts:

conclusion on dedicated proxy

Dedicated Proxies are the valid and excellent options for an individual or business to acquire the Data from the web pages in real-time with no hassles.

You can get to the tougher sites on the Internet and acquire the data effectively, which is nothing to worry about even if the pricing of the Dedicated Proxies is higher. After all, your anonymity and safer experience on the Internet means a lot.

If you want to get the Best Dedicated Private Proxies, you can consider LightProxies; it provides the best rates and outstanding customer support, which will be helpful and effective for you throughout the time.